About us

Hailey and Mauricio, the Adventure Travel Couple, in San Miguel De Allende, Mexicio

Hailey and Mauricio

We're a newlywed Canadian, Mexican couple with a zest for life, love, and travel.

We're leaving the jobs we love to explore the beauty and magic of the world. We’re looking forward to gaining new perspectives, expanding our minds, and becoming more loving and accepting of other perspectives. We'll never regret it.

We're leaving Toronto, Canada in January 2017. Our goal is to travel around the world. We'll eat all the food, experience all the things, and learn as much as possible about the world, ourselves, and each other along the way.  


Mauricio radiates positivity and has deep relationships with his friends and family. He grew up in Monterrey, Mexico, lived in LA and Taiwan, and now calls Toronto home. Mauricio has always made travel a priority and has travelled to over 30 countries.

Mauricio has spent the last eight years working for an international food company. He has become deeply knowledgeable and passionate about food and the food system. He's looking forward to exploring food all around the world.


Hailey always has a smile on her face and her laugh is loud and contagious.

Growing up, she spent countless hours synchronized figure skating and represented Canada multiple times at Worlds. Skating led to her deep passion for health and fitness.

Hailey moved from the suburbs to Toronto for university. While at school, she successfully founded Damn Heels, a foldable flat company. She has spent the last few years working on the growth team at one of Canada’s tech darlings.

Hailey's passion for travel started with summer family trips and studies abroad. She has travelled to over 20 countries.